Artist/designer in Brooklyn, NY. I love robots, friction fires, and sustainable systems. I make objects and experiences that connect, educate, and empower.

This 30 minute, interactive piece was created to be delivered through multi-channel headsets, as an experiment to see what kind of theatre we could make using silent disco tech.

Audience pairs are on separate audio channels which diverge at key points. They follow instructions as they are “played” by the narrator, like they are an orchestra of physical, vocal, and emotional instruments (which they are). Unbeknownst to them, the sequence of instructions induct them gently into a cult which, luckily, is relatively benign. This piece asks questions about hierarchy, relationships, dominance, submissiveness, and vulnerability, and also just what the hell can you get to people to do in a theatrical setting? The coolest thing about this play? It requires essentially no outside actors and is completely pre-recorded, so it can be download and experienced with almost no rehearsal and very little setup.

Act 1: Introduction (handshakes and singing)
Act 2: Electric Fans and the Universe
Act 3: Snacks for everyone!

You will need:

  • The three audio tracks at the bottom of this page
  • An even number of people—minimum of two.
  • An audio device for each track (cell phone w/ headphones works perfectly, but silent disco setup is best)
  • House speakers (laptop, entertainment center, etc—anything that puts sound in the house)
  • something edible and wrapped

There are only two points where an outside influence is required.

  1. The Introduction:
    • Ideally, one person who’s not taking part in the play, takes the role of Scott and leads everyone in a game of paper/rock/scissors (or rock/paper/scissors, scissors/rock/paper, or however your regional dialect likes to order it). If you don’t have someone to play Scott, just play paper/rock/scissors against the person next to you, and put the winner on the blue channel and the loser on the green channel.
  2. Just before the 3rd act, when the candy is distributed:
    • Sometime during the end of the second act, have someone put candy at the end of each row, or next to you, or wherever. Just have something edible for the players to unwrap by the time you get to the end of the piece.

The full sequence looks like this:

  1. Play the looping track (Kuus Kuus Kallike) on the house speakers
  2. Play paper/rock/scissors and divide the players into partners
  3. Start the tracks
  4. Drop edibles
  5. That’s it!

Blue Channel
Green Channel
House Track
All Files (zip)