Artist/designer in Brooklyn, NY. I love robots, friction fires, and sustainable systems. I make objects and experiences that connect, educate, and empower.


I’m a cross-disciplinary designer and systems thinker with a deep interest in how design can promote healthy interactions between humans, objects, and environments.

My design expertise is in political campaign strategy, design thinking, brand identity, content creation, print collateral, and web, but I have a skill set which spans performance, fine art, urban design, permaculture, primitive survival, puppetry, community organizing, as well as both natural and computer sciences. My wish is to use my broad range of expertise to help clients develop innovative and effective solutions to any design problem, whether digital, industrial, or whole systems.

In 2010, to deepen my relationship with sustainable systems, I moved off-grid to learn how to survive in the wild. This eventually led me to the District of Columbia, where I was transformed by social justice activism. Now I’m in NYC, pulling it all together.

I like to spend time in the forest, make music on the street, write plays, and talk to strangers.

I’ve worked with Kaiser Permanente, The Service Employees International Union, and The Lower East Side Business Improvement District, and have had projects featured on DailyKOS and MSNBC.

I’m a cross-disciplinary designer with an eclectic set of skills. I can help you solve problems and stuff.