Artist/designer in Brooklyn, NY. I love robots, friction fires, and sustainable systems. I make objects and experiences that connect, educate, and empower.

I believe that each time I complete a project, even if it isn’t directly related to design, my craft is strengthened. This is a short list of my aspirations. Some of them I’ve pulled off. Others I’m still working on.

...Write and perform a play: Completed May 2nd, 2013!
The play was called “Audience Cadenza and Send-Off.”  I wrote and produced it as an experiment with a new headphone concept. The audience wore wireless headphones, which gave each of them a different experience of the show. There were no actors besides the voice coming over the headsets, allowing the audience to be 100% a part of the action. Seeing this project complete was a real moment of pride for me. Check it out or try it out here.

…Drive across the United States: Completed August 11th, 2013
DC >> Virginia >> North Carolina >> Tennessee >> Arkansas >> Oklahoma >> Texas >> Colorado >> Utah >> Nevada >> California >> Oregon >> Washington >> Idaho >> Montana >> Wyoming >> Nebraska >> Iowa >> Illinois >> Indiana >> Ohio >> West Virginia >> Maryland >> DC

…Process a hide from start to finish: Completed February 10th, 2014!
Took a deer hide from a completely raw state all the way to a finished piece of buckskin. It took three days of constant work, which meant scraping off the hair and membrane, soaking it in a solution made from its own brain, then stretching it while it dried. I now appreciate leather in a completely different way.  

…Use generative design to complete a project: Completed March 11th, 2014!
Used Processing to generate this design

…Learn to identify some wild edible and medicinal plants and give a plant walk Completed May 15th, 2016
I spent the months of April and May studying and building relationships with the wild plants of the Golan Heights in Katzrin, Israel. I got an opportunity to share what I knew about the wild mustards, carrots, poisonous parsleys, thistles, fennels, garlics, leeks, and capers. This is a never-ending process, and there is an infinite amount more to learn. There’s no doubt that my relationship with plants will grow to be lifelong and deep.

…Write and produce an album: This one’s taking a while. Stay tuned.

…Program an Arduino

…Create an interactive art installation

…Produce a short film

…Design a video game

Last updated: March 24th, 2016